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Zhen Yongshan Carisa

Korean hair line

Last time I finished "Ace Piaojia Powder", this time I did "Korean Hairline", imitating the line and direction of hair growth, the semi-permanent makeup technique of tattooing the hairline, the effect is also very beautiful and natural, and it also reduces the face shape The visual effect, very satisfied

Lu Shiyun Sharon

Korean Crystal Lips

I've always wanted to try Crystal Lips, but I don't know how good it is. Fortunately, there is Natural House, the master has many years of experience and meticulousness, and uses American natural color milk. After the crystal lip is done, the lip color is so beautiful and natural.


Li Qiwen Marine

Korean hair line

Every time I tie my hair, the hairline has a single position concave to the left, so I don't dare to tie it all-back. Natural House's "Korean hairline" gang fills up the flip with the tattoo method,

The effect is good and natural. Yijia, I can confidently show my forehead!

Rollin Candy

Ace Piaojia Powder

Doing makeup every day saves a lot of time. It's super convenient to film dramas, and it's not annoying at all! Usually go out without makeup, more natural spirit Natural House technology + American natural color milk, no discoloration is absolutely guaranteed, the immediate effect is absolutely natural after finishing, and it can be wetted immediately.




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Celebrity Client

KOL Client

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