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The whole course of treatment gives the eyelashes a full source of nutrients, and stimulates the growth of eyelashes from the bottom layer! Taking three courses as a course, it only takes about a month to see the growth of small eyelashes. After the second course of treatment, the eyelashes will grow significantly and rapidly. Eyelashes are more natural and longer lasting.

The latest German maternity eyelashes treatment

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 You can adjust the hair flow of your own natural eyelashes to create a curling effect, and sometimes with a little dyeing and fixing procedure to make the eyelashes appear more perfect as a whole. After completion, it can be maintained for two to three months without brushing mascara or curling eyelashes, and when you wake up, you will have curled and blooming eyelashes! In addition, there is no need to graft any false eyelashes in the process, and it is not easy to have foreign body discomfort.

Keratin eyelashes

Japanese style eyelash extensions


Only use Japanese eyelash extension technology

The grafting process is comfortable and zero damage to the eyelashes

Insist that all products used in customers' eyes are imported from Japan

✨Medical Grade ✨Antibacterial ✨Hypoallergenic ✨Safe ✨ Hygienic

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