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Laser Traceless Eyebrow Washing / Eyeliner Washing

The laser penetrates the skin epidermis to the deep layer instantly, so that the pigment particles in the inner layer of the skin are crushed, and the particles are then absorbed and discharged by human cells. During the process, when cleaning blue, black or brown pigments, only the pigment particles will be removed in a targeted manner, and the damage to the epidermis will be minimal.

  • Remove Basket Brow/Eyeliner

  • Remove red brow/eyeliner

  • Remove unwanted brows/eyeliners


💎 How does it work? 💎
Eyebrow washing refers to the elimination of subcutaneous pigment above the dermis layer by laser or corrosive liquid. This method can remove all or a small part of the color on the previous tattoo.

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