Japanese Eyelash Extension Comprehensive Course

The Natural House Japanese Eyelash Extension Comprehensive Course offers nearly 15 years of teaching experience, along with extensive expertise and professional knowledge. The curriculum is developed and taught by our star instructor, Angie Yeung, ensuring the highest level of course quality and teaching standards.



英國TQUK 認證課程 

The Natural House “Japanese Eyelash Extension Comprehensive Course” is internationally recognized and aims to help students master various techniques related to eyelashes, including eyelash extensions, lash lifting, keratin lash lift, and natural lower lash application, among others. Our goal is to cultivate students into excellent lash artists. Whether you aspire to build your own career in the beauty industry or simply want to acquire the skills of eyelash extensions, this course is the perfect choice for you.

  • Theory of eyelash extension
  • Analysis of various eyelash extension techniques and methods
  • Understanding long-lasting techniques for post-care and maintenance of eyelash extensions
  • Learning the procedures for applying and removing eyelash extensions
  • Practice on paper, mannequins, and live models
  • Correcting grafting gestures and techniques
  • Option to participate in international diploma examinations on behalf of students