Laser Eyebrow Wash・Eyeliner Wash

Wash away bad brows and regain control of brow shape

Eyebrow and Eyeliner Tattoo removal

Successful eyebrow design can enhance facial features and create a more sculpted appearance. Therefore, choosing the right eyebrow shape that suits you is crucial. However, if you want to change your desired look, encounter unsatisfactory eyebrow shape, or wish to switch to a different eyebrow style, it may be necessary to remove or wash off the existing eyebrows.

To correct or remove unwanted eyebrows, the Super Pico Eyebrow Removal treatment is highly recommended. This treatment is minimally invasive, causing very minimal damage to the skin and hair follicles. It ensures the preservation of each original hair without causing them to turn white. With this treatment, you can reshape your eyebrows to your liking and achieve the desired eyebrow shape once again. It is a highly recommended eyebrow removal procedure.

Using laser technology, the pigment particles in the deeper layers of the skin are shattered, and these particles are subsequently absorbed and eliminated by the body’s cells. During the process, when targeting the removal of blue, black, or brown pigments, only the pigment particles are specifically removed, resulting in minimal damage to the epidermis.

Removal of blue-colored eyebrows/eyeliner
Removal of red-colored eyebrows/eyeliner
Removal of unwanted eyebrow shape/eyeliner

If color correction is not possible through pigmented cream, unsatisfactory eyebrow shapes can be effectively removed or painlessly lightened using laser technology. Previous eyebrow tattoo mistakes, such as overly dark or thick eyebrows that appear unnatural, can also be addressed. The procedure is suitable for correcting blue or red eyebrows caused by past eyebrow embroidery, as well as addressing issues like sagging eyebrows due to aging or loose skin. After eyebrow removal, there will be no trace of the previous color, allowing for the redefinition of a personally preferred eyebrow style.

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