Semi-Permanent Crystal Lips

Create voluptuous and fashionable lip shapes.

Distinctive Features of Semi-Permanent Crystal Lips

  • Utilizing breakthrough and revolutionary lip tattooing techniques, we can address issues related to lip color and shape.
  • Immediately after the procedure, you will experience the sensation of sensual and plump Crystal Lips.
  • Lip tattooing instantly enhances the three-dimensional appearance of the lips.
  • On the first day after the procedure, the lip color may appear slightly vibrant. From the second to the fourth day, the pigment begins to blend with your natural lip color. By the fifth to sixth day, you will achieve a professionally applied makeup look on your lips.
  • Crystal Lips can effectively maintain their appearance for one to three years.
  • Uneven lip color, pale lip color
  • lip color deep purple
  • lip shape needs adjustment

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